Monthly Archives: October 2015

Keeping up with 2014… oh wait..

I feel I have been out most of 2014. It was a full year and I feel justified on my absence from the blog.

Here is a list of checkpoints I should/will? narrate in the following posts:

  • Presented at Multimedia HCI (MHCI) in Prague, Czech;
  • Got Married <3
  • Honeymooned in NYC, Mexico (various cities) and Toronto
  • Presented at MobileHCI2014 in Toronto, Canada
  • Presented at NordiCHI2014 (met Donald Norman there) in Helsinki, Finland
  • Presented at ASSETS2014 in Rochester, NY
  • Presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 in Shenzen, China

Most of these presentations were related to non-verbal communications in mobile devices.

I will share more in the near future. Stay tuned 🙂