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They say “never meet your heroes”…

…well they were wrong.

This is a late-late post (this was in NordiCHI’14), but I just had to write something about it. Dr. Norman (chillin’ with me in the picture) is basically the icon for user-centered technology. The Design of Everyday Things (originally POET) is an awesome book and it changed the way I was doing my job.


Thanks Don, I hope we meet again!

Human-Computer Interaction – Campus Party 2014 – M-Inclusion

Hello All,

It seems this is my first post this year. Sigh.
I will work on my posting rhythm, promise.

This was a talk I gave in M-Inclusion Panel at Campus Party. M-Inclusion is a Support Action, co-funded by the European Commission under the FP7, with the aim to create a cooperative framework between European and Latin American mobile solution developers and entities. The objective is to encourage the use and growth of innovative, user-oriented, and affordable mobile solutions in order to promote social integration among people at risk of exclusion.

They invited me to share some of the findings we collected from our experiments on Mobile HCI. Thank you Telefonica and Polytechnic University of Valencia for the event!

Campus Party 2014 – Brasil – Human-Computer Interaction – M-Inclusion

I heart alternatives to touching a screen…

…simply because it bothers me having anything between my eye and what I’m looking at (even if it’s my own finger). Those milliseconds I can’t see what I have just decided to choose/click/touch in an interface remind me that fingertips are not 1×1 pixels wide – as discreet mouse pointers.

This is why I would like to mention the great HCI work the guys at BERG are doing with their Connbox. So cool.

(I am really looking forward to trying this “reverse-skeuomorphism” on my own prototypes 🙂

In their words: “This feels like a rich direction to explore in future projects, of a kind of ‘reverse-skeuomorphism‘ where digital and physical affordances work together to do what each does best rather than just one imitating the other.”





Here is a link to the whole thing: