Breathe Mobile

This project proposes the use of a (hands-free) breathing interface for mobile phones as an alternative interaction technology for people with disabilities. It attempts to explore the processing of the audio from the microphone in mobile phones to trigger and launch software events. A proof of concept of this work is demonstrated by the implementation and demonstration of a mobile application prototype that enables users to perform basic operations on the phone, such as calling through “puffing” interaction.

This work was accepted in MobileHCI 2012 and I presented it in San Francisco. This was my first time at MobileHCI 🙂

Click below to see the paper.


This is Leo. He helped me so much in understanding what was it like to interact with a mobile phone without hands. We spent many hours together taking pictures, filming, talking about his life and what would he expect from a new hands-free technology.



I developed a simple breakout/arkanoid game to have Leo test my engine. He was able to play the game using only “puffs” 🙂


Presenting in San Francisco, 2012 (for the record, I don’t wear this shirt anymore)

I also have many hours of footage of Leo’s visits.

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