This is an app that is supposed to make the phone recognize its owners face. You show your face to the phone, it learns who you ‘are’. You lock it. To unlock, just show your face again. The concept here is very human and natural because we do face recognition all the time, don’t we? The moment we match the face we are looking at with the ‘face database’ we keep, we do instantly load a dense set of data to the surface.

Facelock is an application that uses a very much human principle. It recognizes faces in order to unlock. We too unlock to faces we know (or lock even harder, depending on the face :). This is pretty evident when observing little babies and their mothers. They would easily unlock and promptly show their statuses through a crying language (“please change my diapers”, “i´m hungry”, “uncle stewart smells, please get me out of here”) But a strange person could easily “lock” a little kid, making he/she feel shy or even unsafe. This behaviour is more [comprehensive/extensive] if we think of biometrics in general. They would recognize familiar voices (a mother/father voice), a certain way of being handled or maybe even a smell*.

* please bear in mind I am a software developer. I am, again, sitting at the comfortable chair of ignorance, for I am not a psychology professional or experienced manny (nanny-man). This chair is comfortable because I have no pressure of saying the perfect thing. I am using a toolbox of common sense.

Facelock is a way of translating this human/primitive/natural reaction to technology. Or more specifically, coding human-human interaction into a human-computer solution. It makes sense to me that technology pieces should learn their ways from people and not the other way around.

We developed Facelock during the Nokia World Hackathon 2010 in London, and we won the competition (see evidence below). Great experience. Felt like the days of yore when just before delivering big and scary college projects and we fueled with soda and pastries. Those hackathon-like moments made us men.


After this competition a lot of press opportunities happenned. See some below.

"Mari Poppins?! oh dood.. she is so much better in The Sound of Music"

“Mari Poppins?! oh dood.. she is so much better in The Sound of Music”

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PS: see below the video of the first Facelock presentation at Nokia World 2010. One of the most adrenaline rushing experiences I ever had.

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