Technology for Pai Mei Precision Interaction.

In order to perform the event of focusing on most mobile phone cameras, you need to press the tiny little shutter button half-way down? Half-way down. That is an example of how much of a surgeon dexterity one needs to interact with some technology pieces.

The funny thing is that technologists (me) are often included into the non-athletic types category. It seems their (mine) muscular structure is not as solid as it should..  I mean, they (I)  have no motor coordination whatsover. Don´t get me wrong: when they have to strike on their PS3/Xbox controllers, they are the best. But we are talking dexterity here.

Take a look at this blog post snippet from a photography expert text about the Canon Rebel..

mastering the "half-way-down" dexterity

Please note I am not criticizing the blog post above. It´s actually cool.

I think they call it a two step shutter and some seem to dislike it. Many cameras have it. Many phone cameras have it too.

These buttons measure about 1mm of height (?). The software event of starting the auto-focus process is triggered by pressing these things half-way down, which measures 1/2mm (?)! Now seriously, it is not impossible, I know. But let´s face it, we have a large and comfortable room for improvement here.

Or, we can take Pai Mei´s training and be ready to use such technology:

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